Why E&H Foundation?

Annual Status of Education Report 2016 (a national survey in India) finds, 57% of class 5 children in Uttar Pradesh cannot read a class 2 Hindi textbook,  Precious years spent in school with no learning leads to children dropping out and getting into low paying jobs, leading to a vicious cycle of poverty. E&H Foundation aims to address this problem at scale.

E&H (Education and Health) Foundation was set up in 2012 with a vision to provide quality health and education to the underprivileged children in the state of UP (Uttar Pradesh). Founder Trustees initiated funding to start the operations and continue to support all overhead costs of the Foundation, which enables 100% of all contributions from donors to support the education of children.

After doing in-depth research, E&H Foundation started its journey from Farrukhabad and extended its reach to Kanpur and Lucknow within a short span of time by identifying and collaborating with two models for primary education – Bharti Foundation & GyanShala. E&H Foundation is committed towards working for the upliftment of underprivileged children and communities in the poorest sections of India. Being one of the largest and most underdeveloped states in India with around 200 million of India’s population living in the region, E&H will focus on enabling quality education & healthcare for underprivileged children in Uttar Pradesh.

Why E&H Foundation has decided to focus on UP?

UP is by far the largest state in India and is the fifth largest administrative unit in the world (in terms of population) after China, India, USA and Indonesia. UP’s development indicators are one of the lowest in India and lag far behind the Millennium Development targets fixed for the country.  In fact, UP lags behind most states in India in terms of key development indicators. UP is also part of Empowered Action Group which comprises of the least developed states in the country. As of 2018, more than 60% of students in U.P. cannot read words as yet (ASER 2018) Therefore urgent and immediate help is needed in the state of UP. To know more about why we chose UP, visit Why UP?

Why E&H partners with other models?

E&H Foundation follows the dictum – “Think Big – Start Small – Scale Fast”. We believe there are a lot of organizations in the sector doing great work to advance education in India. Instead of reinventing the wheel, E&H Foundation decided to employ the strategy of building long term partnerships with implementing organisation, which have proven successful and replicable models on the ground, as well as with like-minded individuals and corporate houses, who understand critical development challenges and want to address the inequities in our society.

What models have E&H Foundation partnered with?

E&H Foundation started its journey from Farrukhabad by identifying and collaborating with the following two models for primary education:

Rural model: In partnership with Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, E&H opened three primary schools in Farrukhabad district. Currently, the total strength of students in Class 1-5 stands at 720 students. Established in 2000, Bharti Foundation developed a scalable and sustainable education model that can be replicated on a large scale by the government, educational institutions and like-minded organization. With this vision, E&H Foundation partnered with them in 2012 and set up three schools in Shamsabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Urban model: In partnership with the Education Support Organization’s (ESO) Gyanshala model, E&H supports the education of children from urban slums in Farrukhabad & Lucknow districts. Currently, the total strength of students in Class 1-5 is ~ 6200 students, out of which 50% are girls. Gyanshala is one of the largest non-government school education programs for poor children in India, operational in 9 districts across 4 states. Started by Prof. Pankaj Jain in 2000 in Ahmedabad, Gyanshala’s model is cost-effective and scalable and has enriched the lives of over 2,50,000 children since inception, all over India. In 2013, E&H Foundation partnered with Gyanshala to bring this model to UP, one of the most dismal states in India to address the crisis of quality education.

How can I support the cause of quality education’?

E&H Foundation believes in the power of individuals as well as teams. We feel individuals hold the key to bettering communities in India by being cautious and contributing members of the society. Since inception, we have partnered with over 500 individuals to cater to the needs of underprivileged children. In 2018-2019 alone, we garnered 150 individuals to support 12 classes from Std 1-5. 100% of donations made by individuals, whether it’s Rs 100 or Rs 1 Lakh, go towards the education of children. To make a contribution visit our donate page or contribute here.

E&H Foundation welcomes individuals to become action heroes, with an aim to contribute towards solving the education crisis in India. To support our work and know more about volunteering opportunities, write to sharan@eandhfoundation.ngo

What benefits will I get by making donations?

All donations to E&H Foundation are eligible for 50% tax exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Please note, 100% funds raised through external donations go towards the education of children.

The better benefits come to you like the joy of giving and prospering the lives of the children living in poor conditions. Your donations can provide them with all the provisions that can help them get educated and find a new meaning to their lives. As Ben Carson rightly said, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give”.

How do I know that my money is being used for the same motive I donated it for?

Since inception, E&H Foundation has supported the lives of 19,000 children living in the distressed slums of Uttar Pradesh. All the information regarding how the money of our donors is used is published in our annual reports and newsletters. All the particulars regarding the income and expenditure of the E&H Foundation are provided as a financial summary in all its reports which are available on the website for public display. All our accounts are timely audited and can be checked in case of any query. Also, the overhead costs of running the NGO is covered by our trustees, so every penny of your donation goes directly in the service of the children. Furthermore, you can always reach us regarding the details of how we use your money. E&H Foundation maintains utmost transparency regarding the utilization of funds. 100% of all funds raised go towards the education of children.

How will I get updates about the work E&H Foundation is doing?

We send newsletters, emails and messages to all our donors to stay on touch with them and keep them updated about the work that we are doing and the lives we are impacting. We also keep updating our website and social media handles. We post our annual reports, newsletters and other publications on our website open to the public and its review. Follow us on Facebook , TwitterInstagram , YouTube , LinkedIn and always be updated about our work: 

What are the various criteria for making donations?

We don’t provide you with any guidelines for donating the amount of money. It’s your money and no one can tell you why and how much to spend. But we surely can tell you how beneficially you can impact the lives of children.

Rs. 500/- will ensure the education of 1 child for 1 month.

Rs. 5,000/- will ensure the education of 1 child for 1 year.

Rs. 1,00,000/- will ensure the education of 1 class of 25 students for 1 year.

You can however donate any amount of money as per what suits you. Donations start at Rs. 100 only. Support the lives of those in need. Donate towards our ongoing campaign on LetzChange

Why should I donate to an NGO rather than reaching out to people myself?

Donating is a good act and it can only become great if it is done the right way. Donations should rather be made to NGOs because of the following reasons:

  • NGOs take up a particular area for working by doing meticulous research about the people who are in need.
  • With the help of NGOs, you can impact a larger population as the NGOs have a systematic reach to a greater number of people.
  • You don’t really have to look for people who rightfully deserve your help. The NGOs have made it all easy for you.
  • You also get a 50% tax exemption on your donations when you make donations to an NGO.

Why should I donate to E&H Foundation instead of other, bigger NGOs?

At E&H Foundation, 100% of all donations go into supporting the education of children. All overheads and management costs are borne by founder trustees, therefore allowing all donations going towards the programme. Our donors are aware that their contributions are working towards the betterment of the children.

Also, E&H Foundation is working with models that provide free education as well as every other related free facility to children and the supporting cost of these children is less as compared to any government school. We have gone through rigorous research and have chosen UP as our area of work. UP is one of those states which is in need of getting a betterment. We work in areas of UP where the development index was the lowest and provide education to children who are mostly the first-generation learners in their families.