ADHM 2019

Coming together for the Cause of Quality Education

Each year, E&H Foundation participates in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to raise awareness and mobilize funds for the cause of ‘quality education of underprivileged children’. 2019 was our 5th year of participation and 5 times more the reason for garnering support for our annual #RunToEducate. We have been among 100 charities to participate in this year’s run and use the platform for a social cause.

Partnering with Individuals for #RunToEducate

Our Consistent Supporter, Mr Damodaran

We were delighted to partner with  Mr. Narendranath Damodaran, Ex-officio Member-Secretary and Executive Director, PRADAN, who ran with us for the 5th consecutive year. His continued support and association with the cause of quality education inspires us each year.
Mr Damodaran is not only a passionate development sector professional but is an even more passionate runner and fitness enthusiast. His presence on the Half-marathon (21 Kms) track each year reminds us that commitment and hard work always go a long way.
We’re proud to be associated with people like Biswanath Reang, who have pledged their time and effort towards the cause of quality education, time and again. Biswanath has been associated with the foundation as an Action Heroes and continues to support the cause of quality education. Last year at ADHM, he ran 10 Kms and this year he targeted to run 21 Kms. His commitment and goal-oriented approach towards making a change, personally and professionally always inspires us and we are glad to have partnered with him.
The energy in the stadium was immense with over 40,000 people, young and old, leaving their beds early on a Sunday morning to support a noble cause or simply participate.

Age doesn’t matter, when you run for a cause !

Mr & Mrs Vairagkar at #RunToEducate

Our Youngest Supporter at ADHM

Our and advisory board member, Mr Ulhas Vairagkar along with his partner and long-term supporter of our work, Mrs Smita Vairagkar, ran 3 Kms under the ‘Senior Citizen’s Run’ category. When it comes to making a difference, there is no limit on the age of a person.
We were also excited to partner with one of our youngest supporter, Ms Shreeja Chandra, who ran 5 Kms to support the cause of underprivileged children’s education. Shreeja at a young age understands the importance of giving back to those who do not have the privilege of making such opportunities for themselves.
In 2019-20, E&H foundation is supporting the education of 7500 underprivileged children in India and our vision is to reach 1 Lakh children by 2025 and to reach that scale, we invite you to be a part of our journey.  Join us in our quest of enabling futures for a better India. Give for the cause of Quality Education. 
Have a look at our continued presence at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon since 2015!